Tap and Pour

Ordering Drinks Made Easy

Design Objectives

Tap & Pour is designed to simplify the experience of ordering drinks and allow you to concentrate on good times and good friends. No more yelling over crowds, wondering how much your spending, or carrying around cash. The app is designed to give people alluring choices, and drink coding to encourage you to find a new favorite. Nudges to keep you hydrated and help get you home when you have had too many.


The prototype shows the drink selection and functionality of one bar. It goes through ordering, picking up drinks, customization and setting limits for yourself.

The prototype was created in Illustrator, Axure and complied into the video in Premiere Pro.

Research + Competitive Analysis

This project required mapping out the potential drink types and scenarios that would make a successful solution to conventional drink ordering. The majority of the initial research was dedicated to understanding drink ordering through bar and drink guides, observation research and talking to bartenders and patrons, and understanding the current drink app market.

zhardisty_Tap and Pour Final Presentation3 zhardisty_Tap and Pour Final Presentation4 zhardisty_Tap and Pour Final Presentation5

IA + Wireframes

After mapping out the potential requirements and features, I turned to mapping out the information architecture with sticky notes and then into more formalized documentation.


I then created a number of wireframe iterations at increasing fidelity, ending with to scale screens. The screens where then user tested to determine if the flow, features and sizing was correct. After some minor tweaks these where translated into high fidelity illustrator compositions, and then linked together in an interactive Azure prototype.

Tap&Pour wireframes

Tap&Pour wireframes-3
Tap&Pour wireframes2


Tap and Pour: Drink SelectionTap and Pour: Main Screen and Menu
Tap and Pour: Drink Customization
Tap and Pour: Ordering Screens
Tap and Pour: Payment Screens


Creating a heavily visual app for comprehensive drink ordering, I believe caters well to intoxicated people, but I do have apprehensions about the work required by bars using this product to create the custom images and modifiers. There would be a considerable effort needed by the publisher in adding assets for the staggering variety of beverages for this app. A solid business plan would have to be established to accommodate the continual additions, as well as support for the bars wishing to implement this system. Going forward the creation of the companion bar owners app would also be require, with an emphasis on ease of setup and maintenance.

I believe this idea has potential, but would require more user research, iterations, development, business planning and a lot of testing.


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