Augmented Reality Fort

Collaborated on with Ben Westergreen and Monica Lee.
Installation design and projection mapping prototype Zoe Hardisty.

Design Objectives

The goals for this proposal were two fold:

1 Inviting kids to augment the real world with digital tools.

2 Inviting parents into the world of kids, to help them understand the value of play.

We developed a set of components that could be setup, manipulated and rearrange by the children. These included a movable fabric system attached the architectural supports, internally glowing  2’x2′ cubes for stacking and building, and an app that allows them to paint colours and textures onto the structures via projection mapping.

installation 3d mockup: entrance

Entrance to the installation.

installation 3d mockup: inside fort

Inside the fort, under the projection mapped canopy.

installation 3d mockup: inside fort

Inside looking at the projected on fabric.

installation 3d mockup: podium app view

Looking over the app podium to control the colours of the blocks, and to create content for the projection.

installation 3d mockup: top view

Over view of what it would look like in the space. We envisioned this as part of a larger interactive festival.

The target audience is children 10-13 years old, in the time they transition into puberty and the pressures of adulthood. Play area is ideally for groups of 3-4 children at a time.

The installation will utilize the Kinect sensor to feed in data about the changing 3D space. This will feed into a Processing sketch that will gather the data, create mappable planes that will feed into the app. The app will take these mapped regions and allow colours and textures to be applied to them, which intern with feed into the projection mapping scripts to add the content into the physical space.

My role in the project was to determine the technical details around projection mapping, electronics and physical systems we could use for the building blocks, ideation and research, 3D modelling and paper prototyping.

The following are some of the paper prototypes created for this project.

installation mockup
installation mockup
To see more of the technical aspects of the project see the Projection Mapping post.


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