New Found Interest: Projection Mapping

Sparks of Inspiration

I had seen projection mapping before, but I until I saw the piece Bot & Dolly put together to showcase their new robotic arms it hadn’t thought more about it then “Hey that’s pretty neat.” If you haven’t seen the video watch it, if you have watch it again it remains impressive.

It might be timing as well, as I have been thinking about what comes next and how do I turn my favorite Sci-fi into reality. The battle for me stems from the use case. Can we build to integrate into our surrounding to create an exciting new world that’s fun and could be practical, or are we going to be bombarded with advertising like the famous scene from Minority Report?

I WILL figure out cleaver ways to avoid that or become a hermit if at all necessary, but lets assume we can avoid the over saturation of products trying to separate us from our wallets. What is the goal here in the wild west of new tech? Well as I heard at a recent talk on the future of wearable technology, and I’ll paraphrase what I remember.

The challenge for designing for these new spaces is that without experiencing how these technologies change your behaviors and fit into your life, then understanding their potential is nearly impossible. Designing for web or mobile is easy because their ubiquitous, easy to access and we all use them daily.

Which make sense especially for designing user interfaces where we need to understand the platform, the user and how to make a delightful experience. So I should play with new technology is what I take from this, and I do love playing with new things! So my personal goals currently lead me to learn about projection mapping and what needs to be accomplished to augmented reality.

I am not sure where to start but check back for updates into this journey.