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Projection Mapping

Building Software

I was looking for a way to experiment with projection mapping without investing in expensive or complicated software. I came across a library for the Processing language called keystone, which got me on…

New Found Interest: Projection Mapping

Sparks of Inspiration

I had seen projection mapping before, but I until I saw the piece Bot & Dolly put together to showcase their new robotic arms it hadn’t thought more about it then “Hey that’s…

NIklas Roy Curtain

My Little Piece of Privacy

Smart Curtain, Faster People

Part of understanding where I am going to with my work, is to align myself with what others are doing. On one such search I found the work of Niklas…

Intro to a thought pattern.

Privacy or a lack there of.

What is privacy? This is a question that has been on peoples minds as of late, and I am certainly no exception.

Privacy is a loaded question with increasingly blurred parameters…