Stranger Things Board

Stranger Things Wall

After seeing the Netflix series Stranger Things, I like many others wanted to build my own version of the wall. So for just in time for Halloween I did.

For those who haven’t seen the show-this wall…

Radia Title Screen

Radia on Github

Radia is now available on Github for forking and collaboration. I will be adding information to the repo to help people play and hopefully expand on this visualization framework for reverse engineering binary code.

The repo…

Zoe Hardisty Design Ripple Video

Ripple Logo Animation

Experimentation with using the replicator in Modo over a surface.

bears and nodes

Bears and Nodes

A little 3D animation I created in Modo with my logo and the nodes from the Radia visualization application.


Quitting Social Media inside book

Quitting Social Media OR How I Learned To Love Subverting Data Science

The goal of this booklet is to increase the dialog about our personal exposure on the Internet. It looks at some of the ways we trade information for services, expose our personalities without realizing. All this…


Tachikoma Model

Learning to use Modo, so I thought I would post up my tachikoma modelled from Ghost and the Shell.


Click to view them at full glory.

Projection Mapping

Building Software

I was looking for a way to experiment with projection mapping without investing in expensive or complicated software. I came across a library for the Processing language called keystone, which got me on…

Putting Physicality into Data Visualizations

Creating Tools

Data visualization is increasingly becoming a popular tool to understand complex data, but there are equal challenges getting the data in and out. Collecting meaningful data is about making the gathering an interesting task,…


This is a Processing sketch made to play with flocking algorithms and cat faced fish.

To view…

New Found Interest: Projection Mapping

Sparks of Inspiration

I had seen projection mapping before, but I until I saw the piece Bot & Dolly put together to showcase their new robotic arms it hadn’t thought more about it then “Hey that’s…