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“Hello and welcome to a selection of my Interaction Design projects.”

Thinkgeek Android App

Thinkgeek Android App is a e-commerce mobile mobile app that connections fellow geeks to a curated shop of geeky goods.

This project explores creating an app, that fit in with Material Design patterns and the Android experience.

Client Thinkgeek | Created at Mobify

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Carnival Australia Feature image

Carnival Australia is a Progressive Mobile Web e-commerce site, to showcase the cruise offerings of Carnival Australia.

Client Carnival Australia | Created at Mobify

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Radio Visualization framework

Radia is a 3D visualization framework for exploring disassembled binary code, for the purpose of illuminating vulnerabilities.

This desktop application visualizes assembly call graphs, as interactive and explorable 3d force-directed graphs.

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Tap and Pour drink ordering app

Tap & Pour is an iPhone e-commerce app designed to simplify the experience of ordering drinks, allowing you to concentrate on good times and good friends.

The app features tantalizing imagery, the ability to modify drinks, helps patrons drink responsibly and in-app drink purchases.

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Play: Augmented Reality Fort

Play: Augmented Reality Fort is an interactive installation designed to invite kids to augment their physical surrounds with objects and digital tools.

Included is a movable fabric system, internally glowing 2’x 2′ cubes for stacking and building, and an app that allows them to paint colours and textures onto the structures via projection mapping.

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Kaonashi is an experimental electronics product to get people to rethink their interactions with objects, and our desire to anthropomorphize the inanimate.  The alluringly glowing squishy product is triggered by the participant as they pick it up and rolling it around in their hands.

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Token Authentication App

Token is an authentication application  designed to replace the current Emily Car University wireless login. The project tackles the common problem of authenticating to school resources, on an over burdened network. It also provides insight into the health and use of the network, in an effort to educate users about their person impact, and the impact that others students.

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